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Brinjal Pulav
322 KB PDF
Cauliflower and Peas Bhath
542 KB PDF
Cauliflower and Peas Pulav
380 KB PDF
Cauliflower Biriyani
392 KB PDF
Channa Pulav
443 KB PDF
Chinese Fried Rice
287 KB PDF
Chutney Chawal
392 KB PDF
Coconut rice
Coconut Rice
364 KB PDF
Coconut Sweet Pulav
319 KB PDF
Coriander Pulav
392 KB PDF
Corn Pulav
501 KB PDF
Cuban Black Beans and Rice
160 KB PDF
Curd Rice
249 KB PDF
Curd Rice
137 KB PDF
Curry Leaves Rice
227 KB PDF
Double Beans Pulav
405 KB PDF
Fried Rice
Ghee Rice
393 KB PDF
Hyderabadi Biriyani
461 KB PDF
Igloo Biriyani
477 KB PDF
Jack Fruit Pulav
269 KB PDF
Kashmiri Rice
531 KB PDF
Kesari Bhath
331 KB PDF
Khara Pongal
133 KB PDF
Khova Bhath
404 KB PDF
Lemon Rice
346 KB PDF
Lemon Rice
132 KB PDF
Mango Masala Bhath
431 KB PDF
Mango Rice
485 KB PDF
Masala Bhath-I
310 KB PDF
Masala Bhath-II
336 KB PDF
Methi Pulav
271 KB PDF
Milk Pongal
298 KB PDF
Mint Pulav
417 KB PDF
Mint Rice
356 KB PDF
Mugalai Fruit Pulav
278 KB PDF
Mugalai Vegetable Pulav
490 KB PDF
Mustard Rice
267 KB PDF
Nasilamah Malasian Rice
410 KB PDF
Navarathna Pulav
586 KB PDF
Oats Khichdi
Orange Pulav
132 KB PDF
Pav Bhaji Rice
121 KB PDF
Peanut Rice
486 KB PDF
Peas and Carrot Bhath
547 KB PDF
Peas Bhath
418 KB PDF
Peas Pulav
272 KB PDF
Pineapple Pulav
448 KB PDF
Pomegranate Rice
431 KB PDF
Potato and Capsicum Pulav
289 KB PDF
Punjabi Kofta Pulav
429 KB PDF
Purple Rice
222 KB PDF
Rice and Green Gram Dhal Bhath
480 KB PDF
Rice with Mixed Vegetables
101 KB PDF
Salted Rice
340 KB PDF
Schezwan Fried Rice
136 KB PDF
Small Potato Pulav
371 KB PDF
South Indian Toordal Khichari
164 KB PDF
Spinach Masala Pongal
500 KB PDF
Sweet Mango Bhath
280 KB PDF
Taiwanese fried rice
193 KB PDF
Tamarind rice
103 KB PDF
Tamarind Rice
341 KB PDF
Tava Pulao
144 KB PDF
Tomato Bhath
602 KB PDF
Tomato Cheese Rice
403 KB PDF
Tomato Fried Rice
406 KB PDF
Tomato Rice
128 KB PDF
Tri Colour Pulav
301 KB PDF
Two Mixed Rice Varieties with Left over Rice
440 KB PDF
Vangi bhat
Vangi Bhath-I
331 KB PDF
Vangi Bhath-II
289 KB PDF
Vegetable pulao
Ven Pongal
599 KB PDF
Zafrani pulao
103 KB PDF
Zardha Pulav
415 KB PDF
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