Coconut and Cream Cheese Simply Wonderfuls

-Recipe from Yamuna mataji
     This mock milk fudge takes only minutes to assemble. I find homemade yogurt cheese a pleasant alternative to cream cheese because it has fewer calories and adds its own distinctive flavor.

Preparation time (after assembling ingredients): 10 minutes
Makes: 24 peras

cup (60 ml) unsalted butter, at room temperature
cup (60 ml) neuchatel or cream cheese at room temperature,
         or fresh yogurt cheese
cup (60 ml) frozen apple concentrate, thawed
cup (45 g) toasted grated coconut
1 1/3 cups (165 g) dry milk powder, or as needed
generous teaspoon (1 ml) freshly ground nutmeg

     Cream the butter, cheese and apple concentrate in a mixing bowl until light and fluffy. Add the coconut and blend well. With your hands, work in powdered milk until it forms a medium-stiff dough. Wash and dry your hands, then roll the fondant into smooth balls and place them in paper candy cases. Sprinkle with ground nutmeg. Keep refrigerated, in a well sealed container, for up to 4 days.